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Two of Brill's founders are the grandsons of Solomon “Sol” Brill, a famous New York entrepreneur who stood at the forefront of the development of Manhattan at the turn of the 20th century. As an avid venture capitalist and partner of William Fox, Sol invested in what is now known as 20th Century Fox. In 1929, he gave the world one of its most extravagant theaters, the St. George Theater in Staten Island. Sol and his partners were major builders and operators of numerous vaudeville houses and movies theaters in the New York City area, including the neo-Renaissance Revival RKO Hamilton in Harlem. His vision led Manhattan to be at the heart of the motion picture and television industry.

At Brill Securities, founded in 1987, Sol's entrepreneurial vision is a guiding force in our heritage, which has been passed down through generations. Our Chief Financial Officer, Nicholas Brown, is Sol's great grandson and, as a firm, Brill honors Sol's legacy of investing in the future by investing our clients' capital into the best leaders in the business world.