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Strategic Consulting

Brill offers strategic financial advisory services to help organizations solve business challenges and accelerate strategic performance. Brill utilizes a data-driven, process-based lean methodology that identifies obstacles, measures performance and monitors execution.

Strategic Consulting Approach

Brill begins every client engagement with a comprehensive strategic needs analysis to facilitate the collaborative dialogue that is needed for us to partner with our clients in reaching their strategic objectives:

  • Engagement – Perform a global assessment of the client’s needs
  • Discovery – Meet with key stakeholders to understand the client’s organization and strategic problem and to define short- and long-term goals
  • Research – Conduct industry and market research to assess the competitive landscape and develop a SWOT analysis
  • Reporting – Reconvene with the client to discuss findings and to begin outlining a strategic roadmap
  • Development – Create and document a strategic action and implementation plan, including metrics for gauging progress and success